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And now I ask: how do you usually like to write? with words? music? drawings? symbols? And in which support? Using a tablet, perhaps?
'Tablet' is a nice word from the early 14th century, which is nice and old enough to be respected but, I prefer to use "pad", which is not so old, it's was first used in 1880, but it is short and carries only 3 letters, which is carmingly semiotic.

A dear friend of mine wrote a beautiful story called VINA, which mixes pictures, music and a few letters - 14 of them to be exact - it looks beautiful in a 'pad'!

I recommend the read:

And there's more to it than meets the eye. If you prefer the old reading stile and going deeper into what letters can do to a love story, I recommend you read the 'book'  entitled: palcodapalavra.blogspot.com

Now, if you prefer reading something more academic and spoil the fun, I recommend a 'possible' reading of it:

Have fun!

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